5 Sites That I Like



5 of My Favorite Websites


Google is a search engine. I love to use Google images. I used to use Yahoo images but after they switched to using all flicr photos it seemed like I could never find what I wanted. I use the site just about every day, either to quickly look up something, begin researching a topic, use the map, watch videos, find pictures and more.


Compfight is a search engine for images only. One of my professors at SCAD introduced me to it. It seems that there the images are large enough to be used however I want and I’m assuming, since my professor recommended it, the ones that I can copy or save do not have a copywrite to them and are free to use. I only use the site when I am working on a site and need a picture that I don’t have.


Pandora is a music player. It creates an ongoing playlist of artist/songs/genres that are similar to each other. I use this because I like a broad range of music, and Pandora helps in introducing me to other artists, songs, or genres of music. I even access it from cell phones!


Facebook is a social network site. It helps me keep in touch with people from all the cities I’ve visited or lived in, including family. I don’t use it as often as I used to because the privacy settings seem to change often and automatically. I initially used it to upload pictures and write notes, send messages or just say something clever in my status. But then I was introduced to the gaming side of it and was not worried about the privacy issues and it connected me to so many other sites. Now if and when I do use it it is to send a message, share a photo, receive event info, or check out a company’s page.


Dafont has a huge list of downloadable fonts. I especially like the site because lots of the fonts are free! I do posters for my church from time to time and the free fonts come in handy when trying to get my point across.

Of course I have other favorites, ones that I’ve even bookmarked, like Yahoo, YouTube, Bank of America, Ebay, Amazon, MiniClip, FreeArcade and others.


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