Maintaining Your Online Identity



Chapter 5, Specifically Objective 2 & 3

A big issue with social network sites would be how one should take interest in maintaining their online identity, be it personal or corporate. You will definitely find privacy issues it is sometimes hard to`keep track of exactly where your information, photos, and videos are found. This is because although you may have your preferred privacy settings on but friends with access may link or copy your things somewhere else. This leads to misunderstandings when determining who you really are because things you said or pictures posted may be taken out of context and understood in a way that was not meant. So what one should do is determine how much, or how little, information they would want to be shared. Many times the fewer the details the better. Another thing to consider, that many would consider common sense, is the fact that many problems occur when sharing passwords. Don’t. Also, when posting videos and pictures, try to avoid exposing where you live, work, or go to school. Try to keep your most personal info private, like your phone number, address, etc. Be open with your friends and follows, make sure they know what info you wish to be public, and vice versa. Disrespecting someone in such a way is potential harmful to your future. Consider how hard it would be to impress an employer, start a business, or begin a new relationship when they have all seen embarrassing or unapproved photos of you.

Here are a few sites to back up my findings…


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