Three Podcasts That I Like



Podcasting: The Podcasts I Like and Why I Like Them

Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast

This is a podcast that is a video podcast covering all adobe creative suite applications and ran by Terry White who is very big with Adobe. Mr White has been with Adobe for over 10 years so he knows a lot about the programs available. He shares many tips on this particular podcast. There are new podcast available only once a week, and on Mondays, with the last one uploaded on Monday, May 9, 2011. The most recent 25 of them are available on the home page. To the right you can subscribe to Terry White on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You can also subscribe to his podcast via iTunes for free. Also, on the right, he has a badge that links to his Facebook page, his books that are available on Amazon, links, and an archive list dating as far back as February 2006. I love this site because it is easily accessible. The most recent podcasts are available on the homepage. So if I am not sure on where I left off it is easy to figure it out if I am a subscriber or follow it often. I also love that there is a list of categories that lead you to different podcasts in that category, and they are a list of all of the applications available in the Adobe Creative Suite. I love that all you have to do is click the link for direct download and it just opens. Of course if you right click it will open in a new tab or window.


This is an audio podcast mainly on type (for example they did an episode on an event titled The Tragic Death of Helvetica and it was in the Netherlands in 2006). This particular one is ran by Donald Beekman, Liza Enebeis, and Underware. The visit different design events and then produce these podcasts with either reviews and or interviews with the featured designers. On there news page they say where they are headed next, which I believe is always a public event because they say you can meet them at the conferences/events to chat with them. The recent podcasts are listed under 5 Latest Episodes and are pretty lengthy but never seem to go over an hour. I love the way they title them because they use the designer they spoke with “__ of __” so you know if there were multiple podcast episodes that went with that event or not. There is an archive, but there is no separation of episodes by date, which is okay for me considering the main thing I love about this particular podcast is that it introduces me to designers I would have never even heard of. The designers followed are mainly international and include performers as well. On the site there is also a link to other content that they promote with both video and audio content. The content in there podcast is available directly from them and you can also subscribe via iTunes.

Happy Tree Friends

This is a video podcast, also known as a vidcast or vodcast. The site that hosts this vodcast is, which is one thing that is good and bad for me (bad because there is no direct link to the podcast, you can only access it after a series of clicks into categories and subcategories). I absolutely love Happy Tree Friends cartoon episodes so its wonderful to be able to subscribe to this online and have new podcasts sent to me when they are available. At the top there is a quick description of the podcast and tags. Below that you will find a list of available episode and they are accessible right from that page. Sometimes I prefer for things to open in a new window or a new tab, but this vodcast makes it easy for me and opens whatever episode I choose in the top right corner of the page. The episodes are never long, so they don’t bore you. What I like most about it is that it is featured on So if I wanted to check out other podcasts in the comedy category, or more specifically under the Mondo Media category, it is right there to the right of the page below the episode in play. One thing I wish wasn’t a feature is that to access certain parts of the site you have to be a member.

Of course there are a few other podcast that interest me, like The Rissington Podcast, DesignTools, Layers, Barely Political, Cocktails on the Fly, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and much more.


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