Field Trips In College Are Rather Exciting!

This, friends, has been trip # 2. This trip was taken to Media Works in the San Marco area of Jax, FL. Amazing. They where absolutely amazing. The staff there was like family. They’ve grown so close together over a course of, in most cases, a decade. You can tell that they love what they do and the people they work with because they where all smiles and very detailed in exactly what their job is. I love that because it makes me feel hope, like I’ll find a crew like that one day. Because then I won’t mind the long, tedious, and sometimes painful hours.

Of course, my favorite part was seeing the upstairs area, where the in-house designers were. I love seeing what I have to look forward. I think being able to take note of what may possibly be my future is very important. I noticed things like the dim lighting, the computers, the programs, and file formats (the conversions from one department of the company to the next almost seemed overwhelming to me but it made sense).

They really inspired me to keep pushing because they do all that I want to do and more (especially branding and corporate identity), and I love that its like and all-in-one or a one-stop-shop. They have a printing facility, designers, project coordinators, and more. They reinforced some things that my prof, Ms Gusa, and the department head at my school, Mr Downs, were saying about sticking with it, and putting in the extra time and effort, and paying attention to detail.

So thank you, Media Works. We definitely understand your time is money and will not let those hours you spent with us go to waste. I know I won’t!



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