My First AIGA Event

The Morning Leak

This was the first event I attended hosted by AIGA. I loved it. There were a few people that presented a project they were working on, either on their free time or as a part of a job assignment. It it was cool to see the things they came up with and how they did it. There was one lady Jessi Bruton, who was presenting when I arrived. She was awesome. She was full of energy and I loved her logos. I loved the way she went through the process of coming up with ideas for the logos and how she drew inspiration from other logos. 

The Morning Leak is really nice because its a great way to communicate and see what other designers are working on, be it a video or wedding stationary. AND EVERYONE IS REALLY NICE!!! Everyone that attended was so attentive and those that presented were so ready to share. I can’t wait to be able to commit myself to attending more events because AIGA would be a great family/community for me to be apart of as a new designer.



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