The Business of Design_Chapter 1

In chapter 1, the first thing that grabbed my attention is that design reaches every industry around the world and is a method of solving problems. That in itself is pretty profound. Also there are no household names in design, like Nike or Wal-Mart. The top 50 firms only make 20%of the revenue from graphic design. The chapter gave us a few references numbers as to how much one could make as a graphic designer, art director, or creative director. There was also a Q&A with a Doug Grimmett and it seemed as if he was speaking to me, He said that you are not wasting your time learning other things. He says that we interpret the culture so how can we do that if we only know Photoshop and After Effects? Chapter 1 also broke down the differences in in-house design, small firm, large firm, and freelance, which helped me out a lot.

They also mentioned AIGA. Cool, right? And a staffing company named Aquent that I would like to look in to.



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