The Business of Design_Chapter 2

This chapter of the book began to break down the differences in what a business man’s thinking is based on versus that of an artist. The two are very different but it definitely showed me how we are all connected. We as artist need the business men to pitch our designs to and they need us to help in making a larger profit for their business. It also said that our way of thinking has grown to be a great asset of the business world because they are trying use our way of approaching problems (as we see things much different). Its amazing how we can work for the same company, possibly under the same roof, and interact constantly yet have two completely different mindsets. It said that the businessmen love numbers and base their work on it. We as artist must come to them showing them how our ideas with boost sales or rocket the spread of their work. And we must do that by presenting them with the facts. Show them data that proves our idea will work for them. If we are not sure, maybe we should move on and target a different company, or try different materials. The chapter was broken down into different topics, like logic vs emotion, numbers vs images, and risk vs reward.  It really hit home when seeing the small list of risks taken that did not reap any rewards. How tragic! I definitely learned that although our world is very competitive, so is that of the normal, everyday businessman and, more importantly, we do fit in that world and with great ideas, that can make a profit for any company, can give them a heavy advantage over their oponents.



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