The Business of Design_Chapter 3

Chapter 3 in our text begins to explain the different job titles one could have when working in a firm. It also gives a sample job listing that you might see for that particular job.

One of the first things discussed was the job of the production artist. This is not an entry level job, although a rookie might equate it to being one. This person creates the finished product.

The next role discussed was that of the staff designer. This person does production work as well, but they also get to do a little designing. They get to work with layout, editing graphics, and helping out other staff members as needed. In this section it teaches us that we must learn our employer’s process and work on existing projects as the staff designer. Although one may have great skill they won’t  normally be allowed to work with the big name projects in this position.

After this, they talked about the senior designer. This is the position that most rookies believe they will have going in because they are the ones that work more in the programs like Photoshop and Illustrator.

The next position was that of the art director. This person either works hands on with the projects or they have others under them that report to them. Either way, this person is responsible for the outcome of the project. A downside to this position is that you may not do much work in the designing of any project.

Creative director was the next position introduced. You will find this position in the larger firms and here the art director would report to them. This person deals heavily with the client in ensure the results will be what is desired. They also work on laying out the direction for future projects.

Lastly, they talked about the role of the principal. This person is at the top. They make sure new work is coming in and that the clients are happy. Their focus is more so on the business and not design. They may have a design background but they are not involved directly in the designing of the projects.

The chapter also went into detail about the Peter Principle that says that everyone will rise to their level of incompetence. It also broke down the differences in a specialist and a generalist, a technologist and a craftsman, and a fine artist vs an applied artist. The chapter ended with a little knowledge about staffing firms.



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