The Business of Design_Chapter 4

Chapter 4 was the chaprter about marketing. It begins with telling us about USPs or UMP, which is what we as designers would use to market ourselves. It reminded me again about how competitive the market is because everyone is trying to say how their work or what they can offer is so much better than the next designers. Then it went in to telling us what soft skills where. That included skills like mentoring and presenation/public speaking, which could of course help markket yourself to any employer. It also went into how important location is. In that section it saud that if you want to live in a rural area and your rates are low, that could be a great advatage over a freelancer from a big city. The next big point discussed the vertical market which are the companies competing in a certain industry. The sales funnel was also something they talked about. It would visually showed your leads at the top and you actual sales or official clients at the bottom.


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