The Business of Design_Chapter 5

The title of this chapter was proposals and projects.

THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR… RIGHT?! Of course it is! I’ve been absolutely waiting for this moment since the class began. How do you price your work?

The chapter began to tell me to consider the scope of the project, the outcome itself, the profit that is to come of it, and the time it would take to complete it. You must also deliver you work fast and efficiently because clients normally require a quiicker turnaround than a school project.

Many things have to be taken under consideration, like costs, deadlines, and client objections when setting the time to complete a project.

The next part of the chapter compare the rates of a freelancers and the hourly wasges of a designer employed by a company. And it brought it to the readers attention to be hesitant before quickly choosing to be a freelancer.

Then it showed us how to come up with the rate for a freelancer. Your billable rate should be triple hourly wages.

(It constantly brought up speed and efficiency. Very important I assume ^.^)

Thje chapter also went into day rates and  how projects would be delivered. Another part towards the end discussed change orders and the good it does for the client.


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