“Bad” Brochure

The brochure I chose was for the Office of Internal Communication and Student Support for Keiser Univ. I wouldn’t say that the brochure was a complete flop but there are definitely some things that I would change.

For one, there are some things that should “go together” but do not and I believe it’s because of the placement of the name of this particular division in the school. The information simply ran out of room.

I would include a picture, or two, that would show some sort of conflict resolution. The brochure is not as engaging as I would like it to be.

On the front page, I would definitely play with the typography. I think the idea is cool, but it doesn’t work well… Also, the number to contact them at is black on a  blue background. I nearly passed it up!

I would find about 2 or 3 colors to stick to and hopefully that 2nd or 3rd color would clearly represent a color to show emphasis of some sort. Right now there are about 2 or 3 blues and a black involve.

I would like to play around more with the placement of text all throughout the brochure and make sure that if I chose to insert an image that it does not stick out as bad as the image on the back. I believe it is because the contrast is far too high.

Also, there has to be a better version of the logo, right? The logo being used is much to pixelated at that size. If there is no better version it should definitely be scaled down in sized.



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