Art & Copy

Watching this particular movie was quite the experience. I’m not a big fan of history, but as we all know history repeats itself and the worst of history will continue to repeat unless the pattern is recognized and changed… But enough of that…

I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie. History in general bores me. However! There were some things said that definitely struck me!

I enjoyed the beginning when the guy was talking about the totem pole and how we as the communicators have a place. It felt great. It made being a designer so much more of a desire for me because I realized even more that I will always be needed.

Another part was when George Lois, who was awesome, said that we should sell our product, but make a point. I am always intereseted in the things that move me and I want to fashion my work after it.

I also really enjoyed Mary Wells and her idea of using her background in theater to better herself as a designer. She had some awesome ideas.


Commercials, or ads, that I enjoyed were the ones for Crocker Bank, I Heart NY, Got Milk, and iPod. I also liked how the came up with the Nike “Just Do It” and the ads for Michael Jordan.

One thing that I honestly want to recreate is the push-pin wall with Fail Harder. I love it! I may chose a different phrase or even use other colors, or something, but I really want to do it!

Another quote that I liked was that great advertising changes the perception of everything. I never realized how true that was until this year, when I really started paying attention to packaging and ads in generally.

Art & Copy probably wouldn’t have been my movie of choice, but it did have some great points.



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