The Diary of a Young Girl

Project Name — Book Cover Re-Design

What is the purpose/objective of the project? — To re-design the cover of a book that I’ve read

Who is the Target Audience? — Women of all ages, specifically young women and growing girls

What does the audience currently think? — That it is interesting to read the story of other girl’s lives that are just like them in some way. And for the older girls/women, it reminds them of what they used to go through as a young girl. The cover doesn’t exactly evoke them to see that though.

What would we like them to think? — That this particular cover moves them. It draws them in with raw emotion and without even reading the book they are ready to read the book as soon as possible.

What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey? — That Anne Frank’s life is not here only to entertain us but to help us in our own lives.

Why should they believe it? — Because even though Anne Frank lived in hiding she led the typical life of a young teenage girl. We all experience the same emotions, the situation may even be the same. The cover should make them feel like they are reading their own diary…

Who is the competition? — The original designer of the book cover.

Are there any creative guidelines/specs? — Info not provided

Additional Information? — Info not provided

Create a schedule: — Turn in CB – Monday


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