The Questionnaire…

1. What do you feel are most important to Keiser University. What do they want?

A high percentage of graduates. Outside funding. Expansion (more locations, larger buildings, for more students). Increase in degrees they offer to bring in more students. Teachers that they can work with. Teachers that have the same views as them. A mix of teachers with traditional and modern teaching styles.  A staff that won’t cheat them or the students.

2. What do you feel are most important to Students. What do they want?

A good education. Somewhere to belong. A place to connect to people like them. Something to do after high school. Somewhere to go that will please their family. Enough knowledge to get a well paying job. Somewhere to go so that they can get money (ie pell grant, etc). A feeling of accomplishment. Trust in the school (what they believe, the staff, etc). A clean, open environment.

3. What do you feel are most important to Instructors. What do they want?

A high percentage of graduates, or a low percentage of “failures” (depending on who you ask). Good pay. Students that are willing to learn. A feeling of accomplishment. Students that come back and say thank you. Students that refer other students to them. Students that can open up to them and talk to them instead of feeling like they have to deal with it all on their own (Gaining students trust). Feeling needed/wanted. Open minded coworkers, students, bosses, etc.

4. What are Employeers or Clients looking for in students. What do they want?

Students they can mold. Students that can think things out, use deductive reasoning, and solve problems. Students that don’t waste time. Students that ask questions when need. Students they can get along with.

5. What do you feel that all four have in common?

In my opinion, they all want a cohesive unit. A place where everyone works well together, teaching and learning from each other. Everyone wants to make money. Everyone wants to feel like they are needed in this whole cycle.



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