My Cause – Support Sports & Art, Class Assignment

I would like to do an information flash on the benefits of arts and sports. I am very passionate about both art and sports as I was involved in both growing up.

I grew up in a rough neighborhood in Chicago and so many people connected with that “I’m a product of my environment” phrase and I knew that just wasn’t for me. My family expected greatness and I did all that I could to prove I could achieve such. Very early I got bored with the day in and day out routine of excelling in your typical math, science, and english so I looked for more. I needed something that would excite me (and at the time I couldn’t find that excitement and joy in church related activities).

I began piano classes in the 2nd grade. I enjoy that so much that I continued to play up until the 10th grade when I was no longer able to take it in school and could not afford private lessons. But I still continue to play in my free time. I also sang in the choir between 5th and 8th grade and in my spare time with the chorus in high school.

Also, while in elementary school, I began to really take an interest in sports. In the 5th -8th grade I played basketball and volleyball. In high school I always seemed to miss conditionals so I got involved with ROTC to participate on their Physical Training Team.

I also took great interest in theater, writing, and other forms of art along the way, creating and performing wherever I was allowed. It did so much for me. It kept me active and engaged in the awareness of different things about my body and its connection with my mind and soul.

Because this did so much for me, along the way I volunteered often to do arts and crafts with different organizations, like the Girl Scouts, and for different events like local fall festivals. I helped young people, and adults, express themselves in ways they never thought they could. My favorite part of it all was the involvement I had with the less fortunate and those with disorders or disabilities. It’s beautiful to see their families connect with them and finally understand them.

This is why I support things like keeping the arts and sports in school, and implementing the use of art therapy to solve many issues that deal with things like behavior problems, mental and physicals disorders and more.



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