Kinetic Type – 1, Class Assignment

Forest Gump Type Animation

This is one of my favorite examples of kinetic type. It’s pretty simple. There aren’t a lot of colors or type families introduced. This helps with the understanding of the character because even in the move Bubba was a very simple, country man. The peach color that they chose was a great idea as it definitely resonates with shrimp. I love that they dress the word shrimp with what looks like weird quotation marks and l’s. It really begins to characterize a shrimp. I also like that they animated the line about shrimp being the fruit of the sea. It moves like a wave, which was a pretty nice touch. Overall I really like it but I would have used the peachy color as an accent only. I would have also did more to depict the type of shrimp dish, i.e. make shrimp kabob look like it was on a stick, make the split of burger really look like a bottom and top bun, and things like that.


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