Kinetic Type – 4, Class Assignment

Sherlock Holmes – Fighting Scene – Kinetic Typography

This is another instance kinetic typography that I really like. I love the background that they chose as it resonates a bit with the time frame that the movie was set in. I thought that it would be a bit distracting but it turned out pretty well. The colors used bring just enough contrast to the text to not only set it apart from the background but to keep things interesting as well. The chunky font chosen also helps a lot. Another great thing that they did was not only animate what Holmes was saying, but they also animated the hits and sprays of blood. The use of image really brought this motion graphic to life for me. The zoom in and out in reference to how intense the moment was and the pan in the different directions to show the changes and progression in the thought process of Holmes worked out well, too. Another awesome point in the animation is the report at the end, where they use the picture of the full skeleton to show the damages done from top to bottom. This animation had great flow and was not hard to follow. I think the only thing I did not like is when they put the white text in the black bounding shape…


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