Kinetic Type – 3, Class Assignment

Toy Story Woody vs Buzz Kinetic Typography

This example of kinetic typography is pretty cool! My favorite part has to be the use of the different fonts. Normally I would be totally against the use of so many different kinds of fonts, but this worked out great.  The badge that was used next to cowboy and the symbol used for toxic was a great touch. The animator but some great thought in to how to animate the transitions and they work amazingly with the dialogue and sound effects from the movie. Another part that I love is how they animated nerves and when Woody opens Buzz’s helmet and he starts to gasp for air. Also when they animate the word planet and when Woody yells at Buzz at the end. I thought that was a pretty genius idea. I also like that when each character speaks the colors change to represent it. The only thing I would have edited was how the word eyeballs animated. I would have also changed the animation to the word look. Other than that it was great!


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