AIGA Morning Leak: Recap (from 02.08.12)

First of let me just say how excited I was to attend my first AIGA event of the year… I had been really missing it, even though it had only been about 2 months since my last event.

So just in case you, dear reader, did not know, the Morning Leak is like a show and tell event that event that AIGA holds on the first Wednesday of the month. It is always at 7:30am and location of the event is normally announced weeks prior. This particular Morning Leak, like the one previous to it, was held at Ngen Works (which is an awesome space that I was told will be open later this year to be rented – I think – if anyone would like it. Please check with them for more information if you are interested.)

At this Leak, there were 4 presenters. The first was Meredith Hughs. She’s an in-house designer at Jaxport. She talked about how although it may be hard to push your creativity in corporate settings, you can always feed your creative desires by experimenting with paper, the kind of promotional product, and etc. She definitely reminded me that its ok that I want to go into print design, and that I don’t have to be afraid of there not be a job for me in the future. But Meredith also said that we, like her, sort of have to do everything. We don’t have to be masters but basic knowledge and understanding of the other facets of design will definitely help us. At the end of the Leak, she offered us some things that she had done while at Jaxport. I got a pretty cool tote bag, that I practically take everywhere now, and a really nice pen! I also picked up a copy of the annual report that she did, and I’m so inspired and revved up because of her presentation…

Also presenting was Varick Rosete who talked to us about something he had been working on with Dennis Eusebio for CoWork Jax. He showed us a few short videos he and Dennis put together. Also he explained to us what CoWork Jax is and how it is not just for the creative but also for the entrepreneur that need a space to work in. It’s so easy to lose the drive and passion when you working in you bedroom or at the kitchen table. But at CoWork Jax you can feed from the minds around you and even got to them when you just need an extra eye or and extra brain to think with. Varick also talked to us about The Bungalow which pretty much is another workspace like CoWork Jax but it’s not downtown, it’s at the beach. He showed us the logos he had worked up and the process he went through to get to the final logo. He reinforced to me how easy it can be to draw inspiration from everything and anyone around you.

Eric Hinote presented next and told us about the poster he had been working on for Viva Florida 500 which celebrates the 500th anniversary of Florida. He walked us through the process as to where he began and where he ended. It was awesome to see his approach to the poster because if I remember correctly his background is in web! I wasn’t really surprised to see that he began his process with a wireframe for the poster. But was funny to me is how great that idea was. I mean, typically we create sketches and that basically give us the same results, but I never really thought of our basic sketches a wireframes… thank you Eric! Also he showed us how he used the figures from his research in his poster and how he made them work as cohesive unit. Again thanks to Eric for that eye opener!

The last presenter of the morning was Jim Ward who showed us the poster project that had been going on for the I Love Design event. He asked 11 other designers to send in their own interpretation of the heart. They did have a few limitations, like color and size but they were allowed to attack it in anyway they chose. Jim walked us through his heart and his process and then showed us the other 11 hearts as well as all 12 hearts on the poster that was on sale at the I Love Design event. I love collaborative efforts! I loved being able to see that everyone was given a simple shape and colors and the final outcome for each heart was so different. So people to an illustrative approach, some to a hands-on-arts-and-craft-type of approach, and others digitally produced their heart in the programs of their choice. I would to do something similar to this in class. It sort of reminds me of story telling or relay races.

This month’s Morning Leak did not disappoint and I am so glad I attended.

To attend any of the Morning Leaks, become a member of AIGA, learn about the group or any of the design professionals that presented please visit their website.


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