Creative Writing

For those of you that don’t know, I am pretty passionate about creative writing. I have been writing since I was very young (I even won a contest when I was 9 years old). My favorite things to create are poems. I am so in love with poetry. I’m even more so in love with what you can do with words, like the imagery you can create by just mixing and mashing words together. I promised a few people I would post a few things I’ve written, so here goes…

This is the beginning of a short story I wrote called In The Rain. To break it down for you a bit before you begin reading, this story is about a girl who eventually finds the man she wants to marry. Everything works out beautifully for them, except on the day of their wedding her fiance is in such a rush to get to the church he gets into a fatal car accident. Their favorite song was “In The Rain” by the Dramatics and it seems like every time she thinks of her late fiance it’s raining. By the end of the story she no longer welcomes the rain because it masks her tears, but because it made her feel as if her fiance will always be with her.

Yesterday it sounded just like the beginning of our favorite song. I could almost hear it in the distance as I sat on the rug near the patio door. I could see the lightning. I could hear the thunder. And oh how it rolled. The rain had a steady pitter-pattering tempo, beating against every exposed surface of my new apartment. I stood up slowly and made my way through the doors and stood silently in the rain. I seemed to lose myself in every bead of water until I just couldn’t take it anymore. I ran inside, threw myself on the sofa, and clenched a pillow tight. As time passed I thought the song was fading, but I was actually falling asleep. About two hours later I woke up to the slight trickle of runoff from the gutter. It had stopped raining all too soon. I wasn’t done crying. I looked past the screen of my patio door and immediately prayed for a better day.

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1 thought on “Creative Writing

  1. I REALLY dig this Ja’vonne!! We definitely have a lot in common. I might post some of my short stories on poetry on my blog, but I’ll be sure to let you read them. This is awesome.

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