Carl Smith, How Cool Is That Guy?!

So let me just tell you guys how awesome it was to meet with Carl Smith from nGen Works
. He came to speak to my classmates and I about Choosing Wisely. Basically he told us about the people that have inspired him and the things that he learned from them. Before he actually began to speak he loosen the room up a bit and made us feel like he was one of us, another student learning to be the best that he can be. I’d have to say that the most important thing I took away from him was that you should begin your day figuring what is the most important thing you can do today, not what is the most urgent. That will never leave me.

The first thing he talked to us about was Impostor Syndrome, or “Droopy Disease” as he liked to call its. It’s when you are always like “I don’t know what I’m doing here”. He pretty much told us to get rid of that because there is a definite reason why you are there and that you do belong, and that has nothing to do with being cocky. I feel like that alot. I’ve been given credit for things and have been invited to attend some awesome events, and stand amongst some awesome people, and I always ask myself how did I end up here. I ask myself do I deserve it and if someone else really belongs where I am. But now I definitely realize that I belong in every instance I find myself in.

The very first person he said inspired him was Henry David Thoreau and I was really shocked at what he said that inspired Carl. “Be aware of any enterprise that requires a change of close”. How profound is that? I hear all of the time that “we require all employees, students, attendees, etc, to wear this particular type of dress or uniform” and it dawned on me that I’m not really being myself. So my goal is to go “through” those jobs and positions wearing those uniforms, so that I can get to where I want to be in life and that is being able to express myself completely.

He talked to us about Thomas Edison and how he said “If I fail 10,000 times, I’m always ahead and I’ll never get ahaead”. All of my failures will bring me closer to success and I really shouldn’t fear failure. I should embrace it and fail forward, learning and holding on to those mistakes because no one will make those mistakes exactly like I did. They are unique to me and may be a solution to a totally different problem.

Henry T Ford said to find value in everything, even in your mistakes. That further pushes me to believe on what Edison said about not fearing failure.

Dale Canegie says that we should listen and respect others, don’t manipulate them. With that I’m always reminded of sales people and people that are dating. They try to hype up their product so that the buyer will be sold with no questions asked but we don’t need to treat people like that to get what we want. We should respect them and show it.

Walt Disney said that its not how you start, but that you start. He shows us that you must trust yourself and never quit! I am glad that I am in a place in my life that I can understand this. I’ve quit a few things before and its cost me quite a lot. I am so happy that I am continuing on this path I’ve been on for the past few years and I am seeing the results and fruits of my labor.

Carl spoke on nearly 20 more people that he gained some sort of inspiration from and he said they may not be inspirational to me but it should drive me to find out who/what does.

Thanks so much Carl for your awesome words! I really appreciate you taking your time and give us a portion of it.


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