Websites: 3 I Like, The Other Not So Much

The image you see to your left is a picture of Cantilever Fish And Chips home page. I love the way the site is laid out so that all of the pages of the site are actually within the same page. It seems like it does a series of “jump to” links within the page in order for it to travel within the page. Another thing I like is that everything seems so connected. The reoccurring wood frame is a really awesome touch. I also like that the site is very much to the point and gives you the information that you need without any fluff. I am not a huge fan, however, of the font on the “find us” page. I don’t think it really goes with the theme of the page. Nor do I like that it seems to be on a torn piece of legal paper. Another site that is very similar is the Demi Creative website.

Another website that I like is the one for Hanzell Vineyards. I love that things are so smooth on the page. It follows its theme with the fact that everything is in black and white with one accent color. Also I really like the way they laid out the “wines” page. That is a great resource for people that want to start drinking wine so they can see if it’s red or white. I just wish they had more copy that said what foods should be paired with those wines. Unfortunately things seem a little large and there is a lot of scrolling that is going on on the pages. I think everyone knows how much I hate that. However, they are definitely redeemed by including the other navigation at the bottom of the page and it looks very much similar to the main navigation at the top. But then I *insert sad face here* once again because of the cursor/pointer that follows you at the top of some pages. I think they should ditch that idea…

FruuteThe website for Fruute. Its a bakery in Los Angeles. I absolutely adore how cute and clean the page is! It really looks like the bakery when you think about it. The home page is very nice and gets you interested in the tarts and wants you to see more. The “tarts” page is also really cool! Someone did a really good job with the photography! And when you hover over the tarts they roll over to a different image of the tart and it gives you a little description! How cool is that? All of the pages are pretty self explanatory, and even though the “philosophy” page looks a little different it fits because it is apart of their branding. Again the photography on that page is pretty nice as well. The only thing I didn’t like was when they use the thin font, like on the “press” page. The words gets lost in the background.

A website that I am not fond of at all is the website for Mama’s Cheesies. Aside from how much I dislike the name, I really don’t like the website. There is no real comforting place to land on the site. The background and font color combination really is an eye sore, along with the logo itself *sigh*. The navigation is horrible. Not just the nav at the top center of the page but also the nav at the top left the suddenly appears when you hover over it. To top that off, the navigation eventually disappears on some pages so you are left having to click the back button in order to get through the site. Also there are random graphic that don’t go with the site at all. They speak nothing about the clothes or the designer. They could have definitely spent more time on making it a cohesive package and easier to navigate through, this includes taking better shots of the models and manikins.


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