Adobe Muse

So just last week, Friday March 23rd to be exact, I was able to attend an event that was hosted at my school that introduce a new program/software that Adobe is working on called Muse. Ms Claudia McCue, who by the way was absolutely awesome, was our guide for the morning. I loved the little phrases she used like “Hiding in plain sight” and “Our hands were shaped for Comm+Z”. Loved it! Anyway, she explained to us that Muse is the program that allows you to create web pages without coding and that it is good for predominantly print designers. I was a little worried about that but in moving forward I was practically amazed at what was to come.

The program is currently in a public Beta version and is free until it will actually be introduced as a part of the CS6 suite, I believe. When the program is no longer free the only way you will be able to purchase it is through subscription. You can purchase it on a month to month basis for $20/month, or just pay for a year of Muse use for $180/year. Another thing to note is that you don’t have to be on the internet to use this program since it is a subscription product.

Muse has been built by InDesign engineers so a lot of the functionality and panels that are present in InDesign are available for you in Muse, like creating styles and master pages. Muse allows you to plan your site with site maps and you can use non web safe fonts and it will be converted to an image for you. I liked the idea of it, but I assume you would want to use that feature as little as possible. Muse also offers standard web features like adding headers, footers, and allowing you to pin to your browser. You can publish and host right from Muse and it offers cross-browser compatibility.

I like how easy it is to add images, tile them, and place other files. I also like that you can bring a layered PSD in and the program recognizes it for things like hovers and active buttons. The widgets that are included in the program also excite me. I am just worried about the fact that I’ve overheard that Muse can create some dirty code…

I can’t wait to get in and start playing around!


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