Meeting Eric Hinote

Yesterday, after yet another awesome Morning Leak, my classmates and I were visited by yet another awesome professional, Mr. Eric Hinote. Some luck, huh?! Before I begin with my “spill of the goods”, I’d like to thank my instructors for hearing me out on what I really wanted to know about web. Now on to the good stuff…

First Eric gave us a little background about himself and how he got where his is today with Burdette Ketchum. I thought it was pretty cool when he told us that he was a bomb tech, apart of the special forces and that what he was really interested in was Fine Arts and not necessarily design. Naturally, I was wondering how he got into the world of web, or as he corrected us, interactive design. I didn’t have to question that too much longer after he informed us about his desire to create art because he told us!

Right after graduating UNF he started doing freelance work for UNF and began working for their web master. From there he worked for Coggin College of Business, which included a massive redesign of their website of 300+ pages. But that still didn’t quite answer why he stayed with web if his desire was to make a totally different type of art. After Coggin College of Business he worked for himself, found work through Agency A La Carte, and eventually it led him to Burdette Ketchum where he just because a huge part of their interactive team about 5 months ago. Eric told us that he is the type of person that doesn’t like to allow situations to get the best of him. Then it started to make sense. He made it up in his mind that web would not get the best of him. (I should probably take that into consideration…)

Then Eric started to hit on some things that we knew but its always great when it’s reinforced because it let’s us know that we as students are practicing the same methods as the professionals. He also gave us some great information that we did not know.

First off he hit on how important it is for us to read, test what we’ve read and to get involved with the design community. A list of sites he wanted us to take a look into included A List Apart, 24 ways, Smashing Magazine, anything by the Envato Group, and Web Design Ledger. It was awesome to know that I’ve been keeping an eye out for new things from Smashing Mag and things from the Envato Group, like the Tuts+ sites (as a matter of fact I’ve put some of them up on the DAM WordPress site in the resources section). Eric reminded us to test the things we’ve learned and read so that we can begin to see how those things really work and when we are done testing, read again. Also, being involved is another big part of getting better at what we are trying to accomplish. This includes finding a developer or a group to be a part of and helping a non profit out with work. Eric also brought back to mind some things we had learned from Brad O’Donnell about bartering. He reminded us that is ok to bargain for services.

I am so glad that we had the opportunity to hear from Eric and I’m glad that I know him from attending AIGA events. I must be doing something right. Right?!



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