Another Awesome Speaker: Al Emerick

Al Emerick came by our lab yesterday to give us some pointers on finding a career and how to present ourselves. Of course he told us a little about himself, like the fact that he is currently a VP of Marketing at Hospital Physician Partners and about his work experience as an on and off screen actor. He also told us about his aspirations to be a CEO of a small company or just run his own business. Please check out Al’s LinkedIn account if you like to know more about him or to get in touch with him.

But on to the goods, of course…

One of many of the things that he said, that I continue to hear, has definitely been to have thick skin! I have learned not to take criticism personal. I mean, I’m still learning of course, but I have definitely grown in that area. It was nice to hear him reinforce that considering we are going into our final two classes of the core.

He also reminded us that we are interviewed every day of our lives and that, in my case, women are actually interviewed more than men (give or take) just on the strength of being a women! It was actually a bit tough swallowing that because I have been having the worst nightmares about completely flopping at an interview (just ask Lisa Sopranzi). But, then he reassured me that it doesn’t have to be as bad as my mind is trying to tell me it will be.

Al emphasized to me that knowing who I am and how aware of myself I am will definitely make me more comfortable. He also said that we should keep in mind that it is not a short process, nor is it an easy one. But it will let us know, as a creative, who we are, what we want to do, who we would like to work for, and so much more.

“The interviewer can definitely see if you’re unsure or if you are weak” he said and a way to get over that is to remember we are also interviewing the interviewer.

It was also nice of all to give us other tidbits of information, like sending handwritten thank you notes (thank you Ms Gusa for initially telling us this back when we were back in month one), knowing what our vision is and that it can change, and that we can level out another’s expectations us by showing them what we are great at, not focusing on our weaknesses.

To give us some good reads he recommended Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh and to google for information on people like Michael Porter and the Mission/Vision Strategy.

If you are reading this, Mr Emerick, thank you so much for not only coming by our lab to speak to us, but also for reading my blog. You are awesome!



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