TNE – Intro & Ch1 Summary

This was a very cool read. Initially I was intimidated because of our epic readings prior to this one. But, Talent is Not Enough: Business Secrets For Designers has proven me wrong. The intro was nice because the author let the reader know why the book was written and how the book was structured. I am happy that it is set up the way it is because I can use it as a quick resource or read everything bit by bit as it was stated that each chapter builds on the one before it. I found it true that it seems like design and how to design is everywhere and seems almost always available, while finding info on the business of design is almost non-existent. It’s like it’s taboo to speak of or as if the knowledge is not only valuable but very expensive. I like that it was broken down exactly what you will find in this book and the fact that there is an index in the back for quick reference. 

Chapter one mainly broke dow the different careers one could find themselves in as a creative. Breaking down the skill set of a designer was a nice reinforcement to all that my classmates and I have learned over the past year or so. This chapter also broke down a few things we learned while we were in the intro to business course, like being a designer in an in house department vs. owning your own company. The section near the end was also very valuable as it reminded us as readers and young designers that we have to stay flexible and it gave us reasons as to why. Like the fact that there are economic shifts taking place and that there will be new opportunities that will present itself. 

I am definitely taking that last paragraph into consideration since my classmates and I are now saying “See you later” to an awesome instructor. The Awesome Foursome will miss you and keep in touch, Ms Gusa.


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