TNE – Ch2 Summary

Chapter 2 was great! I’ve been hearing things similar to what I’ve read in chapter 2. But reading it was a totally different experience. It felt nice to know that I am prepared for what is to come because I have had instructors, mentors, and awesome professionals that just love to help steer me in the right direction. So before I begin with what I took from this chapter, thank you…

The first thing that hit me was that you shouldn’t join a firm under false pretenses. I realize that if I am looking for a job in a specific place I shouldn’t take the first position that opens up just so I can get my foot in the door because I can get stuck in that position with only lateral promotions or at worse never get the position I was truly looking to fill. And I shouldn’t go in with the mindset that just because I applied for Position A and have the skill set for Position B I will be considered to fill Position B. I have to be honest. Honest with myself and my interviewer about who I am and what I can do.

The chapter also reminded me of what it is to be a generalist and a specialist. Its not that I didn’t know what the difference was, of course, but it simply reminded me that its ok that I don’t know everything. In all of the areas that I don’t have any knowledge in I can always just do what I can to make sure I am still being a team player. But just learn as much and as fast as I can so that I can be of a greater asset in the future.

After that it touched on the stationery kit I would need in searching for a job, and what do you know, we’ll be doing that next! What should be a no brainer, but I’ve seen some packages that fail, is that the stationery packages should be consistent and complete.

Also, we should definitely have a resume. My resume should be one page, with full contact information, and necessary content. Again, I should be completely honest, use action verbs and highlight the positions and activities that prove me to be creative and a sure fit for that establishment. When including job info that is not directly related to the establishment or the position I have to show how they are indirectly related. After the printed version is completed and easy to read I should prepare an email version, and if its ok to send the resume as an attachment I should include my name in the file.

Other things I should prepare would include a cover letter, a thank you letter, and my portfolio (a printed version and one on the web).

When on my job search I should make up a tracking system for myself so that I know when to do follow ups and include any other pertinent info like the title and description of the job and the primary contact for that position.

To find a job I should network, check the firms website for ads, check with agencies that help with placement, and check online job boards.

The chapter then went on to discuss the first interview and that one should be well prepared for it. I should also bring extra copies of your resume. There were many other hints as to how to my the first interview a smooth one.

This chapter also spoke of other things like the fact that the company may do a background check and they may ask for references. It also touched on where to find salary info and means vs. median. The last part was about what happens when you complete the hiring process.


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