TNE – Ch3 & Ch4 Summary

To my surprise, chapters 3 and 4 were rather short. I think I like that… Very beneficial information that is short, sweet, and to the point.

Chapter 3 was about independent contractor issues, which be geared towards designers that are interested in a career as a freelancer. These designers work for themselves but the difference is that they either work directly for the client or they work indirectly for the client through work that is subcontracted. One that chooses to be a freelancer should remember that they are responsible for any taxes, insurance policies, or any other business issues because they work for themselves. So this designer must be acquainted with all of the matters involved or they can end up in some big trouble with the IRS and the like.  The chapter then goes on to list the 20 factors that the IRS looks at to determine whether that designer should have been put on pay roll if he, or she, had been contracted out by a company. After that the chapter discusses the benefits of owning your own small business and working for hire. When working for hire you must have a Form W-9, Form 1099, and create invoices.

Chapter 4 just gave a sample contract agreement for the freelancer.


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